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Organization and methods was originated through the efforts of the pioneers of scientific management such as Taylor and Gilbert whose  work influenced. The early approaches and establishment of the function in so many organization. Organization and methods is simply the used  of work study techniques to the structure and procedures of an organization in order to improve the efficiency of an organization.   Organization and  methods has transformed into a very valuable component of an organization. In fact it become a specialized field with career prospects, especially for our teaming unemployment. It provide opportunities that are both challenging and satisfying  to the average intellectual employee to prove his with  in improving and processes.   The British standard 3188.1001 defines organization and methods as the systematic examination of activities in order to improve the effective use of human and other material resource.  
According to Harzel (2001) defines organization and methods “is the application of work study techniques to the structure and procedures of an organization in order to improve the efficiency of an organization system.  Briscoe (1992) defined organization and methods “as a specialist function which has a primary objective of improving efficiency and control in organizations. It is  thus seen as an essential function that should be part  of the make  u of any organization.  Organization and method and it associated techniques can be seen to form the basis of business process re-engineering and business process improvement.    
The must important reason of introducing organization and method is to improve administrative procedure and clerical practice in the office. Therefore its equally important to be familiar with  the  definition of office:
Office can be deafen as a work area  for handling information or process equipment.   Office can also be seen as a place of work on the other hand it has been seen as a place where business activities are carried out. In which ever way an office is defined, it is to be noted that the world of work bring about the existence of office.   Office does not derives it meaning from the size of any room where clerical functions are being carried out. On the other hand, it has no reference to size or nature of activities that are taking place  in any Organization. For example; the room where lecturer attend to his student is called an office also, the room where the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria carried out is constitutional duties is also called an office.
Office management  could be regarded as an act of putting into systematic relationship those elements and activities essential to the satisfaction of an office purpose. In a nutshell Organization and the method is simple the way and manner organizational activities is put in the right and most orderly manner. On the other hand is a process of coordinating organizational structure and procedures  in the most perfect way.  
When the employees  of an Organization are not fully equipped with knowledge of organization and methods the  way and manner in which office should be kept in the most desired order might be  a problem. This could result to loss of documentation and even low employees performance. The question therefore asked is, is it the poor knowledge of organization and methods that lead to poor employees performance and improper documentation in Kaduna north local government are? At the same time does it mean if, every officer in Kaduna north Local Government is fully developed with the knowledge of organization and methods it will lead to help employees performance and proper documentation. This is actually an issue of investigation.  
If the knowledge of organization and method is not provided there would be contribution cost of document and low performance. This research is therefore undertaken to monitor the level of the  knowledge of organization and method and it relevance to proper documentation an improve performance and also make recommendation on how to improve the knowledge of organization and  methods.  
Every research has a purpose and aim.  This research is to investigate the  impact  or organization and methods’ on  office management with particular reference to Kaduna North Local Government area. The researcher interest to provide answer to  issues of office management in the area under study. Therefore the objectives of this research among other are:
i.         To investigate the level of office holders understanding of organization and methods.
ii.        To find out the problems that lack of the knowledge of organization and method can result to      
iii.       To find a way of providing the knowledge of organization and methods to office holders in the local  government area.
iv.       To investigate how the knowledge of organization and  methods will result to high employees performance and proper documentation.                                                                             
In carrying out this research, the following hypothesis has been formulated to which its validity with the tasted in course of the study. These hypothesis are:
1) Ho: organization and methods does not improve the processes of record keeping and documentation in the office.
Hi: organization and methods improve the processes of record keeping and documentation in the office.  
2) Ho: organization and methods does not encourage quick decision making, process and responses to business operations emerging issues.
Hi: organization and methods encourage quick decision making, process and responses to business operations emerging issues.  
It is also among the significant of this study to find out problems that are likely to happen as a result of inadequacy of the knowledge of organization and method and provide remedy to such problems. And to save as reference to office holders and other researchers.  
The importance of this project can not be over emphasized because the organization and method is a course that is designing for the smooth management of  office which is the coordinator  of all organization activities therefore:
1.    There is the need for knowledge of organization and method for the smooth management of office.
2.    The research work will be a source of research to other researchers and also a refresh point.
3.    The research work also find out problems likely to be faced by all office users.             
The vital part of   this study is the impact of organization and methods on office management. In the courses of the study, the researcher will limit it study to Kaduna North Local government.      
1.7     LIMITATION OF THE STUDY          
The limitation of this research can be view from the fact that the respondent are serving members of Kaduna north local government and Sultan Bello primary school they  were very busy to the extent that the appointment which were booked has changed and new booking obtained before the issuing of the questionnaire. Also some considered the information required to be official and a such wanted to seek permission from their superior before attempting the questions.


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