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1.1            Introduction

1.2           Aims and objectives of the study

1.3           Justification of study

1.4           Scope of study




2.0           Literature review

2.1           Photochemistry of aloe Vera

2.2.1                General uses of aloe Vera

2.2.2        Theraperetic  (medicinal) uses of aloe Vera

2.2.3        Anti-inflammatory effects of aloe Vera

2.2.4        Laxative effects of aloe Vera

2.2.5        Anti-cancer properties of aloe Vera

2.2.6         Gastroprotective properties of aloe Vera

2.2.7        Anti viral effects of aloe Vera

2.2.8         Wound healing properties of aloe Vera

2.2.9        Aloe Vera gels effects on the immune system

2.2.10      Effects of aloe Vera on burns

2.2.11       Hypoglycemic effects of aloe Vera

2.2.12       Aloe Vera in veterinary medicine

2. 3         Other effects of aloe Vera

2. 3.1        Mechanism of action of aloe Vera

2.3.2        Mechanism of anti inflammatory action of aloe Vera.

2.3.3        Mechanism of laxative/ cathartic action of aloe Vera.

2.3.4        Mechanism of wound healing action of aloe Vera

2..3.5        Side effects, contrain dication and toxicity of aloe Vera.

2.4           Homeostasis

2. 4.1       Steps of mechanism

2.4.2                Blood clotting factors

2.4.3                Sequence of clotting mechanism

2.4.4                Bleeding  time

2.4.5                Clotting time

2.4.6                Prothrombin time

2.4.7                Homeostasis disorders / treatment  

2.5           The oil palm tree

2.5.1        Thermoxidized  palm oil

2.5.2        Effects of thermoxidized  palm oil on health 





3.0           Materials and methods

3.1            Materials

3.1.1        Experimental animals      

3.1.2        Experimental gel

3.1.3         Thermoxidized palm oil

3.2            Methods

3.2.1        Experimental procedure

3.2.2        Preparation of Experimental animal for the determination of homeostatic parameters

 3.2.3        Determination of bleeding time by Duke’s Method

3.3.3        Determination of Clotting time

3.3.4        Determine of Prothrombin time

3.3.5        Determine of Platelet count

3.4           Precautions

3.5           Statistical Analysis 







4.0      Result 

4.1    Comparison of mean food intake in control, thermoxidized palm oil (T.P.O) and T.P.O + aloe vera fed groups

4.2   Comparison of mean water intake in control, thermoxidized palm oil (T.P.O) and T.P.O + aloe vera fed groups.

4.3   Comparison of mean body weights of control, thermoxidized palm oil (T. P. O) and T.P.O aloe vera fed groups.

4.4   Comparison of bleeding time in control, thermoxidized palm oil (T.P.O) and T.P.O + aloe vera extract fed groups.

4.5       Comparison  of clotting time in control, thermoxidized palm oil (T.P.O) and T.P.O + aloe vera extract fed groups.

4.6       Comparison of prothrombin time in control, thermoxidized palm oil (T.P.O) and T.P.O + aloe vera extract fed groups.

4.7       Comparison of platelet count in control, thermoxidized palm oil (T.P.O) and T.P.O + aloe vera extract fed groups   
















4.0           Discussion and conclusion

4.1           Discussion

4.2           Conclusion 







 1.0    Introduction


Aloe barbadensis or aloe Vera is a succulent plant from the family "Liliaceae", it originated in the African content. The genus has many common names and is often referred to as aloe vera, lily of the desert, burn plant, the plant of immortality, first aim plant, wand of heaven and medicinal plant. The name is derived from the Arabic word "Alloeh" meaning "shining bitter substance". The Genus contains at least 324 species of herbs, shrubs and ;s (cross white and cross white, 1984). Aloe vera is a perennial with 15-30 fleshy leave up to 0.5m long and 8-Pcrn across the base. Saw like teeth mark the margins- of leaves (Grindlay and Reynolds, 1986). Aloe vera plants withstand high  temperatures   and   long  periods drought, due to their ability to store water in their succulent leaves. However, freezing temperatures can damage or kill the plant. Medically and non- medically, aloe vera has been used for several thousands of years in different cultures from ancient Egypt to Greece, Rome to China, India and Africa (crosswhite and crosswhite, 1984; Grindlay and Reynolds, 1986).

In the first century, C.E, the Greek physician, Dioscorides used aloe Vera for mouth infections, sores, wounds and as purgatives. Egyptians, Assyrians and Mediterranean peoples used the latex primarily and the gel as a purgative. The plant was used by the Arabs, Spaniards, ancient Greeks and persians and is still in use by hunters in Africa to reduce perspiration and body scent.

In 500 B.C, Egyptians recorded the use of aloe vera in treating burns, parasites and infections. The plant was called. the plant of immortality" by the Egyptians because it can live and even bloom without soil and was given as an offering at the funerals of pharaohs. It was also used in the baths of the Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra to keep their skin soft and young (Pamplona Roger, 2001). Today, Egyptians still hang an aloe vera plant over the door of a house   to   provide   a   long   and   fruitful   life   for   its occupants.  In    India,   the   plant  is   used   as   cathartic, anthelminthic,   emmenagogue   and   stomachic.   Aloe  vera latex was used before 1930s in the united states as laxatives ton, 1961; crosswhite and crosswhite, 1984; Grindlay and Reynolds, 1986; Evens 1996).


1.2Aims and objective s of the study

The aim of this study is to ascertain the effect of crude of aloe barbadensis (aloe vera ) on some hemostatic parameters of fed on thermoxidized palm oil diets. The objective is to ascertain   if   aloe   vera  has any  effect  on  hemostatic derangements that may result from thermoxidized palm oil diet.


1.3     Justification of study

It has been known that aloe vera has anti-inflammatory, laxalive,   anti-hypertensive, anticancer, hypoglycaemic fects etc but not much work has been done on its effects on Hemostasis, especially in rats placed on a diet mixedwith thermoxidized palm oil. This research work is therefore aimed at elucidating its effect on Hemostatic parameters ofrats fed on thermoxidized palm oil diets.



The scope of the study involves measuring bleeding time, clotting time, prothrombin time and platelet count in 5 albino wistar rats fed with pellet mixed with thermoxidised palm oil and also 5 albino wistar rat fed with the same mixed pellet and in addition 0.1ml/100g body weight  of refined aloe vera gel orally administered for four weeks (28 days)and comparing the results with control group (5 albino wistar rats) fed only on normal pellet for same period.       



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