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The advent of computer Technology has brought relief to repetitive tasks and has helped in the better management and origination of data.  Information management system can be applied to any system that facilitates storage, management and retrieved of data and information required for some particular application within a computer system.  This makes it easier for data to be handled or managed. The stadium staffs have been finding it so difficult to manage information for example, in the existing system where everything is processed manually,  the operators find it difficult to store, locate or retrieve information when necessary.  Also the issue of crowd control and ticketing, which is needed in events to generate income for the sector.  Processing ticket for an event manually can be costly, time – consuming and waste ticket stock which is always encountered in some event due to the excess ticket processed manually. The computer system can be used in so many ways in the stadium, for example, crowd control, processing of ticket for an event, managing office files and so on. This work concentrates on the computerized ticket, crowd control, information management in the stadium and facility management.  With the aid of computer system, the data will be properly managed, organized and construction of a suitable program that will help in the management of stadium.  
1.2     STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM          
Following the problem encountered in the organization, tickets that are processed for an event and the end, there will be left over (waste ticket stock) which create loss in the finance of the stadium unable to communicate with one another in other to share information which leads to time-consuming, re-entering of information and lack of centralized system for customer information.      
1.3     OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY          
This work is aim to reduce the work of stadium operators,  managers, and individuals.  Furthermore, the aim of this work it to:
(i)                study the present way of processing ticket.
(ii)             Design a new system that will be more convenient and efficient, which will take care of difficult encountered in the present system.
(iii)           Design a new system that will enable the organization control crowd in every events.
(iv)           Design a system that will make access to record or information easier.  
1.4     SCOPE OF THE STUDY          
There are lot of activities that takes place in the stadium an example is the processing of ticket and management of information.  This research will base on a computerized management information system in the stadium.      
1.5     LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY          
The following constraints were experienced during the course of the research.
a        Time Constraint           Due to the shortness of the semester and other activities within the school, there was no much time to carryout more research.
b        Lack of Money           The issue of going from one place to another in search of materials relevant to the work calls the attention of monetary problems which limit the cost of this research.  
The significance of this research is to help the staffs attain excellence, accurancy, and effectiveness in the data or information with aid of an information management system.      
1.7            ASSUMPTION
The design of the system is assumed to be cost effective and beneficial to stadium management.  The design will reduce the problem facing staff or operators of the organization.  
Data – It is a law fact or it is an unprocessed information.
Information – They are data that has been processed and ready for use.
Management – It is the bringing together of resources and people for the accomplishment of a specific goal.
Information Management – It is the organization and management of related data within a system. Information
Retrieval – It is the method used in recovering specific information.
Maintenance – It is a way of taking care of facilities in an organization
Record – It is the collection of related fields raw data from within the organization.
Input – I is the capacity or collecting of raw data from within the organization.
Output – It is the transfer of processed information to the people or activities where it will be used.
Processing – This is the converting of raw data into a more meaningful form.
Information system – It is defined as a set of interrelated components that collect (or retrieve), process, store, and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization.
Stadium – It is a place set aside for sport activities.


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